5 snakes that I cut their heads off to cook (we don't eat snakes)

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5 snakes that I cut their heads off to cook (we don't eat snakes)

Post by Godsdaughter on Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:58 pm

My dream was about snakes. I had bought these snakes home to cook (we don't eat snakes) they were alive and I had an axe they were coming out some looked like cobras. They were hissing at me and I was careful not to be bitten, I grabbed them by their tales and cut their heads off one by one(meanwhile thinking why didn't I buy them frozen?). I actually saw their heads fly off. I got down to the last one in the basket and saw a tale cut off but no head and I realized the 5th was missing. My husband comes to stand next to me and asks what's going on and I explained I was missing one snake. Just then a yellow smooth head crawled out from his jacket towards me. I took that snake by the tale and cut it's head off. Next I'm standing there thinking how I do cook these snakes? That's when I woke up. Thank you for your interpretations on this dream. In Christ, God's daughter.

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