Fire and Water Flood in an Unfamiliar House with Family

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Fire and Water Flood in an Unfamiliar House with Family

Post by spintern10 on Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:44 am

I had a dream last night regarding my family and I. My parents are thinking of divorcing and times at home have not been good. They are nonbelievers and so it has been difficult for me...

The dream:

I arrive at this house that my family live in and it seems so unfamiliar to me. Next thing there is fire in the walls and my mom and I rush to get water and put out the fire. We do put the fire out and my little brother seemed to have observed this.

Next thing I go to the second floor and find my step-father on the bed floating in water..Water was flooding out from a bathroom and it is closed. Suddenly my step-father gives me our dog Lizzy and I carry her all this time. Next thing I know, all of us are outside
(I get out by climbing on the roof) and we witness the water flowing into a street.

I don't know what this dream means. The two things that stood out to me when I awoke was fire and water. I remember the verse that says that Jesus baptizes with Spirit and fire (John the Baptist says this in Mark and Luke).

Thanks and God bless,

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