Working out Clothing

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Working out Clothing

Post by Escogida on Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:47 pm

In my dream, I was supposedly trying to get into this building so that I will work; however I had no access Id. Somehow the scene changes and I was inside this building; while there, a group of people were waiting with me. At one point, i saw my ex-boss there and I felt somehow uneasy to be around her. Next, I see this man whom I have never seen before, I believe that he was an executive of the company or someone with more authority than my ex boss which seemed to me impossible because she was the highest before the chief executive. When he came, he asked if I was working on a project?, I then proceeded to respond "no I am still waiting for one". When he heard my response, he inmediately ordered my ex-boss to provide me with a project, and added saying, "I seen you working before in the other office; if anybody should be working it should be you". The minute he said that, I felt that he felt that I was valuable to the company and by having me without a project he was losing money. My ex-boss hear and was holding a paper on her hand and had no choice but to give me a project. The scene changes and directs me to see the group of people (including me)are waiting to hear from the boss directions. While waiting, i see that we are sitting in this high chair facing a stool. When I looked to my right side, i see this woman whom was part of the corporation distributing clothes to the group. I see that the rest of the group obtained a one piece of clothing with army prints. I then see that she separated some clothes and gave them to me. When she gave me the colorful bag of clothes, I noted that they were special, expensive and uniquely made for me. I was surprised because the other people were given the one piece clothing and it looked like the army prints, but my clothes looked like they were work out clothing, and had padding in the elbow, sides and somehow were protecting my bones & skin. In the dream, I remembered that when I looked inside of the bag and saw the clothes I though to my self wow the company is really spending money on me.

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