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Riding in car with my mother (she's driving and I'm in the passenger's side). We're driving around my Aunts neighborhood (my dad's sister) and I'm saddened because I begin to think about my ex and his wife--they're close. (IRL life, my ex's ex lives in that neighborhood too, so in the dream when I saw her house, that's when I thought about my ex and how close he and his ex and her family used to be; people thought they would get married). I start thinking about "my husband to be" and begin to get excited. A little brown poodle (with hair in its face) is in the back seat (it looks similar to my cousin's dog IRL). The dog is making noise and growling as I look and see its face in the inside of a corduroy jacket. The jacket in the dream belongs to my nephew. The dog didn't bother me. My mom says the dogs name is "cutter" or something like that. I'm like, "his name is SNOOZY" and then the dog stops doing what its doing. I call its name again and it looks up at me with soft eyes and smiles. I'm like, "that's his name, snoozy." I turn back around and look out the window smiling. flower
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