Dream for interpretation.

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Dream for interpretation.

Post by Ossy on Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:22 pm

I was lying down ready to get some sleep after my night's prayer, when I became semi-conscious. And I saw a huge snake facing a very popular black pastor and I began to speak out loud asking the pastor...to speak the word. But the snake moved so fast for him and he was bitten. I saw him fall face up. But before the huge snake turned to face me, I saw another white man's head coming out from the fallen pastor's head. Just then, the snake had turned towards me and i leaped right out of the bed to land my feet on real ground from my bed...on my feet the correct way without falling....and to think i was not wiude awake to perform such a feat sounds incredible. Can this be explained to me please.

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Re: Dream for interpretation.

Post by unaday* on Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:49 am

I think you need to intercede HARD on the behalf of the well known pastor. It seems like he is about to be attacked in some way or succomb to something that may cost him his ministry-
Whatever it is, may cause him to call out to Jesus or surrender all or whatever the problem is to Jesus- I say that because he fell on his back and he fell face up- (looking upwards)
As for the white man head coming from his head- 2 thoughts came to me- 1. If this pastor falls this other man could be the successor to head up the ministry or 2. He is another pastor with same or similar issue that may fall simultaneously with the other pastor....

Please intercede...

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