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friend house

Post by butterfly37 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:01 am

I was at a friends apartment when i decided i would take a shower. i got undressed and entered the bathroom. my friend approached me and asked me what was i doing. i then told him i was tired and needed to lye down. i lay in the bed with my head where the feet should be and my friend sat on the bed next to me. my son and two nephews walked into the apartment as they looked on the two of us and laughed. i was still naked when another young lady whom i am familiar with but do not know walked in and sat at a round table. a baby girl appeared at the foot of the bed in a walker - she was beautiful with a head full of hair. the young lady played with the baby. the young lady had two rings on her left hand and in the dream i wanted to know if she had gotten married. i could not make out whether she had or not b/c i could not see the rings but i remember she was so happy in the dream and i felt insecure due to her unhappiness. there were three children in the complex coming home from school and i wondered who was home with them in the dream. another young lady came over whom i know to be a very spiritual woman. she sat at the table and everyone was just talking to each other and i awakened.

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