Dream of the Past

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Dream of the Past

Post by ladybecky on Thu Feb 26, 2009 4:44 pm

I dreamt I was back in my old neighborhood where I onced lived growing up. It was a pleasant neighbohood that I was fond of because it was the first time in my life where I actually lived in a neighborhood near my school and had friends nearby. I was walking down the street admiring the neighborhood when I came to an area which in times past was open street which lead to a park and my school, but now there was a house. In order to get through, I had to go through this house. So I proceeded to open the back door of this house and quietly pass through to get where i wanted to go, hopeffully un-noticed, the door was old and very narrow. Just then an old lady of the house spotted me. She invited me in and said that there was a couple who wanted to see me. (I knew the couple from a previous church I attended).

I really didn't want to see them, but I went into the restroom to get ready before i saw them. while in the restroom, I looked in the mirror and I noticed that all of my hair was now gray! My face in the mirror also now resembled one of the people I was too meet?? This was rather strange. End of dream.

Thoughts anyone?? The gray hair really stood out in the dream, does this mean wisdom??? I appreciate anyone's input!



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