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Post by mvirtuosa on Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:23 am

First let me give you a little bit of background on my current situation. I have been a member of my church for the past 12 years during which I have served the Lord faithfully in the ministries He has placed in my hands. During the last 5 years I have worked for the church as the Pastor's Executive Assistant and handled the church finances. It has been an extremely trying time for our church because of some allegations that have come about in regards to the Pastor. This is a woman pastor. Recently I left the church because things started to get really rough and the Pastor's attitude towards many people including myself has taken a dramatic turn. She believes everyone is against her and she has not thrown anyone out of the church literally but her actions have caused about 100 people to leave, the majority of which were the Church Leaders. People who are serious about God and fulfilling His purspose. I wanted to share this with you so that maybe you could help me understand two dreams that I have had and have caused some serious uneasiness to my life.

1. I had applied to a new job and it was my first day. I was in the office and had not yet met the boss when the other secretary told me to go to lunch. I asked her when I would get to meet the boss and thank him/her for giving me this position she told me that when I came back from lunch. After I came back she called me to her desk and showed me some papers. They were tax papers that had to do with the Church I had left. I asked her why she had those papers and who had given them to her. She told me someone had sent them to her with a letter asking her to ask me to review them and correct them. I was confused since this job had nothing to do with the church, but there on the papers i could se clearly the name of the church and some tax problems. We then heard a noise and she told me the boss is coming so i quickly went to my desk and sat down. When I looked up to see the boss it was my former Pastor and i was even more confused. She did not adress or acknowledge me at all but she asked the other secretary for some paper work then she left. Once she left I asked why i had been hired and the secretary said I don't know we got hundreds of applications but once the boss saw yours she told us to hire you without any questions. Then I woke up

2. Same night i fell back asleep and dram that I was with a group of friends at a party. These were all people who have left the church as I have and still have a friendship with them. All of a sudden I saw someone passing out invitations to a banquet the church that we had left was hosting. They were in really elegant envelopes and everyone but me was getting one. I was in my mind questioning why I would not get one. While I was watching them open their invitations they were pulling out some really fancy invitations with a slip that said ENTER. They were also recieving their children's names in a gold plate and I could see the name of several of the children. All this time I was wondering why am I not being invited, just then someone handed me an invitation but it was open and the envelope was all wrinkled and ugly like if somenone had been looking through it several times. Then I pulled out the invitation and it was the same as everyone else's but I did not have the ENTER pass. So in my mind I assumed i was invited but they really didn't want me to come. I kept asking myself why am i being treated like this if everyone in this room left the church the same way i did. I didn't do any wrong but remove myself from the situation. I was also wondering why i did not get my children's names in the gold plate like everyone else. I started going through the envelope and found that they had put several business cards in there, some where business' and others where pastors. I also noticed that i had 2 credit cards one to buy groceries for $17.00 and one to buy clothes for $100.00 i didn't understand why this was being given to me and i felt so confused. I then noticed a piece of paper that had the name of SAUL written on it in the pastors handwritting it also had some numbers on it but i couldn't tell what they were becuase they were scratched out. I looked up at a friend that was standing next to me with a confused looked on my face and he could tell i was upset. He then let his ENTER slip fall out of his hands and into mine and told me "You go, I don't want to go and I am not going to go, so take mine you should be the one that's there." I then woke up

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