Umbrella with another dream about the progression of a Tree!

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Umbrella with another dream about the progression of a Tree!

Post by RedeemingFire on Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:16 pm

Last night I dreamt of this dream...

I dreamt I was looking in the store with my mom..
my mom told me that I needed to find a nice umbrella

so then I looked around and then my mom suggested two umbrellas.

There was one umbrella that was darker in color and I did not take it.

There was another umbrella, that was peace in color--like orangeish peach/light pink
in color...and it looks really nice and pretty. the material was made of laced all around it
and out of that bigger umbrella came out a smaller umbrella that was kind of like a *small hat
umbrella with the same color and the laced material (with a decorated lace- elegant in design).
I really liked it.

----also: there was another dream I had dreamt i looking at a drawing...the formation of each
process of a tree...from a few lines of a the many lines of a full tree.
And then in the dream I was thinking...I don't like those trees that had the weird white blossoms
cuz they give awful smell...but yea I may have remembered seeing a full tree with maybe flowers in it.

Pray for wisdom and guidance for God to show me what the dreams may mean and what he is speakin to me about.
If you have any revelation from the spirit about what my dream may mean please let me know.

And Many blessings.

May you be filled with the prophetic power of his Presence with the Holy Spirit!

Flower Power ~+~Christina~+~
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