shoes, shoes and more shoes! (Long, help if you can!)

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shoes, shoes and more shoes! (Long, help if you can!)

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:14 am

Me, two of my siblings, and this guy who we'll call "G" are hanging out at this store. (Just a little background info: "G" is someone that I used to work with and we both like eachother. He is laidback, intelligent (has a several degrees), and enjoys music (as I do). He also has a nice sense of humor. He's a different type physically than I would normally fall for, but he's still cool. The only problem: He's UNSAVED and for me my friends, that's a SUPER turn off!!)

Anyway, I'm in the shoe aisle (kinda similar to that of a WALMART of a department store) trying to see what kind of shoe I wanted. There are these HUGE house shoes that look so comfortable (have feather-like texture) and they're blue. At first I see orange ones, then red ones, etc. I'm kinda undecided if I want the blue ones because IRL I already have a blue pair. I decide to try on the blue ones afterall, but when I look at the price It's like $7-$11.00! WAY to much (in my opinion) for some houseshoes!!!! I put those shoes back because I know that I need some "everyday shoes" to match with some of the outfits I own--afterall, I'm not going to be INSIDE the house ALL the time! lol! This lady comes by (with bright complexion and hair) and gives me a ziplock bag filled with shoes (I'd say three to four pairs). She says the total price for all the shoes is $5. This seems too good to be true, but I see the price sticker (kind of like the one you might see at a thrift store) and I see the price was written: $5. I'm actually gonna get more for my money!! I remember one pair was a basic shoe (gray) and another, heels (lilac). Maybe another color was brown? Still, I wanted to keep looking. I knew that I wanted a shoe that would match with every outfit (black) so I temporarily put the bag down and tried to look more closely at the large selection that was before me. (In the back of my mind, I was still thinking heavily at what the lady said, "DONT LOSE THESE NOW, THEYRE ONLY $5," (as if I wouldn't find a better "Deal" again!) She seemed genuine and pleasant though.

Later I went into a room with a bathroom and a mirror on the bathroom door (similar to that of a hotel room). The lights out in the room and there was a slight light coming from the bathroom (the door was ajar). Light was coming from another room next door. Again, I saw a whole bunch of shoes inclluding the packaged ones I was given earlier, scattered on the floor (in the room and in the bathroom) Did "G" do this? I come out flirting with him and then I see this woman (whose name is Tina IRL and we often talk about relationships, etc), comes from behind a room, making sure that "we" don't get out of order and to see what was "going on" (IRL, after having this dream "Miss Tina" actually came over to my house) I lift up my foot to "G" like Adam Sandler did to his enemies in "DONT MESS WITH THE ZOHAN" (such a stupid-funny movie) and tell him to "smell it". :huh: what
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