What does shopping in a dream mean?

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What does shopping in a dream mean?

Post by rachandben on Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:11 pm

Hi everyone,
For 2 days in a row, I am dreaming about shopping.
In the first dream: we (my husband and I) went shopping for windows. The store we went to has double entrances where you go through one entrance first and to the next before getting inside. On the left side of the first entrance when you walk in, there is this woman who is there to find discount prices for people who come in the store to buy things. She finds a discount of $8 for us on windows. It seems like now we are only going to pay $104. I say thank you to her as we are waking toward the next door to get in the store. At first, I didnít realize it, but when we get in, I start to feel guilty thinking; she certainly expects to be paid when she finds discount for people and we didnít pay her anything. Then I woke up.

The next dream is about my husbandís cousin, Iíll call her T: T, (16yr old girl) was sitting at the doorstep of a building with her friends also girls. I went to talk to her and she was really mean to me. I told her ďI was nice to you when you came to my house!Ē she didnít like it and she started following me, like trying to attack me. I started flying and ran away from her. Next, I saw my husband's Stepmother; I told her how T. was mean to me. My husband's stepmother wanted to go and ask T about her behavior. I told her, ďitís ok; it was just a dreamĒ. Next we (husband step mom and I) are shopping for a wig for T. T is either going to graduate or get married, I donít remember. There is an other girl with us who is about T's age. We are trying different wigs on this girl's head to have an idea on how they will look on T. I remember in the dream telling my husbandís step mom to pick a wig that matches Tís hair color or Tís mom will not like it. The dream ended as the lady at the hair store was showing us different blond wigs.

The same night I dreamed about shopping in a store. I don't remember what I was shopping for.

Any insight will be appreciated.


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