Dream of showering and laundry

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Dream of showering and laundry

Post by reds251966 on Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:09 am

I dreamt that I went to my master bathroom and there was a stange light skin lady doing laundry in the bathtub the water in the tub was clean with no discoloration. I ask my husband who she was and he state that she was a sprint representative (he formerly owned a sprint store) I then went to another bathroom and began to take a shower when I realized there was a piece of glass in the shower that could hurt someone, I took it up put it on a small shelf then decided against that because I though it may fall and hurt someone. I then moved it to a bigger shelf. The lady that was dong the laundry then walked into this bathroom and said that she wished her husband would make her bathroom just had beautiful. When I awoke I did not remember the dream but as I stepped into my shower and the water hit my body the memories of the dream came flowing back.

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