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Any thoughts?

Post by karenburns2008 on Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:12 pm

I will try to put this dream into concise wording, but so much was happening....
I was in a room with some friends of mine and my husband Cary. I had this baby, which was mine, but it was not Cary's baby. I didn't give birth to it, but just had it. Cary wanted me to give it away, I found out about this place that adopts babies out. I go to this place, but it is in old building. Chipped and faded paint on the outiside, and I thought it odd that an adoption fair would be here. On the inside it is empty but has a staircase that goes up to a second floor. I climb the stairs with "my baby" and at the top of stairs there were numerous adults. There were lots of children of various ages and in various states of undress. I thought that was weird and a sens of trepidation came over me. I was welcomed and the adults explained to me that it was good I was considering adoption. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious, not sure what is going on around me is right. I don't' understand why the children were undressed and runnign around. After watching for a while, I decided I need to go and take a breath. I am so torn, and there is so much anguish with in me. I go to the top of stairs and am trying to figure out if I should leave my baby, when this good looking guy comes up and is very charming, yet I sensed something is wrong. He is trying to convince me to leave my baby, and suddenly I realized this in not an adoption agency but a place where child pornography is going on. I run out of the building and put "my baby" in the front seat, in the seat belt, not a car seat. I feel fear at this point and I woke up. There was an anguish in my heart that was with me when I woke up. After praying for the fear to leave, I fell back to sleep and the dream picked back up where I had left off. I was trying to get people to listen to me about this "child adoption" agency, trying to tell everyone it was really a child pornography ring but no one would listen to me. I decide to go back to the place where all the children were and there is no one there anymore. I go upstairs to look around and in the corner was this white ceramic cat. It had eyes that look like alien eyes. It was very "evil" looking. Then I hear a noise and there is someone in the standing in the window and just as I look up, he or she falls out of the window. I go to the window, look down and then close the window and leave and I woke up again.
Two things I noticed about the baby, he stayed asleep through the whole dream, and I was not prepared for a baby. He had only a diaper and a receiving blanket and when I put him in the car I strapped him in a seat belt even though he was about 2 months old. I only know that in the dream I was very aware of my soul being in anguish, and when I woke up, the first thought that I thought was how Jesus had wept over Jeruselum and how I understand what they had meant when scriptures said that he had wept, not just to cry but it was an anguished weeping. I could still fill that anguish when I woke up.
So I think that is all I can remember right now.
Any thoughts? thinking
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