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Post by dreamer7 on Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:55 am

somebody please help me interpret this:
i was in a bathroom somewhere(it looked to me like a certain church in my country) when a child came to me and said that he had been sent to get from me the phone number of our worship director who is a man.i asked the child to give me a minute to go find my phone which was in a bag somewhere so i could get the i was walking accross the compound to go get my bag,i bumped into the worship pastor of another church(he is the one who had sent the child to ask me for the number of my worship director).as i was saying hello to this pastor,my worship director joins us.this worship pastor of the other church then asks my me and my worship director why we are not together because we should worship director then responds and says that we are getting married in march(i dont know which year) and then he hugged me.i was puzzled because i had been praying about marriage with another my heart i felt(in the dream) a reassurance that God would sort out theconfusion for me.but all the same i would appreciate insight on this from you my fellow labourers in the vineyard of the Lord

PS:i had been having other dreams about this man before i had the dream above.he seemed to be reaching out to me - to put it in mild language.i did talk to him in real life and discovered there were a few issues here and there that he was going through.

PS2:i sing in the worship group he directs in my church though i havent sang in the last one year..

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