Frozen Sea/Small Cross

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Frozen Sea/Small Cross

Post by amandamckie on Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:24 am

Hello there.
I had a dream I was stood at the sea's edge. The sea had frozen (I think the sea had been stormy before and then froze). On the horizon a big ship (think it was a big cruise liner) started to move and it started to make the ice crack and the sea come rushing with force towards me. There were other people stood at the shore too, but don't know who they were. As the ice was cracking and the sea was gushing towards me I fell in to the deep water. I thought that I would keep my eyes closed and keep praying to Jesus, as I was doing this I was moved backwards towards the shore and then out of the sea. When I came to look at the place I had come out of the sea there were a few people stood around the exit and a small (think was wooden) cross there and I said I wasn't suprised it was there. That's it!! Would appreciate any interpretation. Many Thanks.

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