satan losing his power

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satan losing his power

Post by andrea on Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:33 pm

Recently one morning I had a very quick dream but kind of intense as well. I interpret this dream in a sense as satan losing his power but I would be interested in what some of you see as well. The characters in the dream seem to be connected to my workplace but at the same time they may symbolize shadows of another type.

The leader in my office and a woman I didn't recognize were standing side by side in front of my desk offending me to my face about me not having the mental capacity to be able to perform a particular job. I did not address them but decided to go to the leader over them to tell him about the way they offended me. I was at a computer about to send an email to the top leader and I noticed that he and his work team were getting inside of a black limo leaving the area. Another man came over to me and said to me not to worry about it and to follow him. I followed him towards an elevator and there was a sewer top nearby on the floor. The man I was following began to speak in a language I did not understand and a voice responded offensively from the ground thru the sewer. The voice startled me and some people began to surround around the sewer because they heard the voice also and wanted to know what was beneath the sewer. A christian man who works on my job stated to the crowd that he knew exactly who could help us out. A woman I don't know comes walking down the hallway smiling and she shouted over the sewer saying---he knoooows my name!!!! As soon as she shouted this the floor opened up and I saw a huge green creature type of thing formed like a large man but looking more like something unexplainable and you just knew it was a devil because of the fear that was attached from just looking at it. It was grieving and looked as if it was ashamed to even be seen. It looked like it was dying and sick and before my eyes it changed from a creature type to the size of a scary looking man and then to a snake and then a lizard but all the time it was hating being exposed to me. I don't know exactly what this means in my life personally, but I know that his bark is only loud and I know that satan would have never wanted that scene to be exposed to me because fear is the weapon he always challenges me with. Looking forward to hearing your views or comments. God Bless you all
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