Dream of looking through a veil

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Dream of looking through a veil

Post by tdr310 on Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:38 pm

Last night(early this morning) I dreamed I was in a room with my ex-boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend. They were sitting at a table. Her back was to me. He was sitting to her right facing me, and I was sitting over on a couch. For a minute we were all engaged in a pleasant conversation which is shocking to me since she and I don't care for each other at all. Then, I focused in on him. And after a few long minutes of sitting there staring at him, I realized that I was looking at him through a veil, a dark veil. I can't tell you what he was saying, and I'm not even sure if the third party was still in the room. I was just fixed on him; my gaze was intent, and then I saw the dark veil. The veil wasn't black, but it was a sheer smokey gray color. What does this mean? Please help.

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