Beautifull horses

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Beautifull horses

Post by Sirianta on Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:55 pm

Hey guys, here is my dream from about 4 months ago.

Myself and some people(don't know who they were) were on a little rowing boat on a small lake (very calm waters). As we got near the shore, I saw a lot of horses on green grass and lots of trees, a beautifull scenery. My attention was focussed on the one mare, and I was surprised to see she was giving birth to a fowl. The fowl was the most beautiful little horse I've ever seen. It wasn't full of blood or anything, from the moment it came out it was clean. It was light brown and the most beautifull long, beige mane hair. What was also surprising was that this baby horse could walk immediately.

A horse caregiver (a lady) came to the fowl and picked it up and walked back to the stables. The caregiver was very loving - I could feel the love that she felt for the little horse.

End of dream.

Had this dream after my dad committed suicide.

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Re: Beautifull horses

Post by Dove-Solutions on Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:00 am


I looked up the meaning of horses in my dream interpretation book and this is what I get:

Horse: Instruments of battle; power and strength of the flesh; time period of work; a powerful work of God on the earth, in the Spirit; tenaciouness, single-mindedness and agressiveness; in transportation: battle; not to trust in over the name of the Lord. (this would carry over into our modern day weapons and modes of transport.)

White: War of conquest; God's mighty army
Red: Persecution, bloodshed; enemy warring against God's people
Black: Famine; evil.
Bay (flame-colored): Anointing, power, fire
pale: Death

I pray that helps. Blessings to you.


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