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Post by rmuyanga on Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:16 am

Dear all I have been having confusing and sometimes scary dreams to the point that I get scared of going to sleep. I will briefly list some of the recurring dreams: 1) I have been seeing myself as a student in a class with people I dont know ( I left college 9 years ago and havent been in a formal class since then

2) I frequently dream of my brother who died almost 3 years ago in a car accident. In my dreams, he is usually sick - HIV. This really stresses me. I also dreamt that my dad had infected my mum with HIV.

3) I dreamt that I was driving a very sickly young lady to hospital. I was in my car. She was dressed in white and was yelling and cursing her dad and my dad who stood by silently watching us as we drove away.

4) I had a dream whereby I saw many army ants get into the soles of my feet and it really hurt. I was praying in my dream that they dont get in to my heart.

5) I have repeatedly had dreams of my car reversing at a high speed and I am unable to control it, like the brakes have failed.

Please help with Godly interpretations of my dreams.



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Post by Jodi on Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:52 am

These are the thoughts that occurred to me as I read your dreams. Please consider them to see if they resound within your soul. If they do not, please wait on God again for more understanding.

1. Are you learning new things spiritually? (classroom)
2. This sounds like you are mourning the loss of your brother and you fear losing the rest of your family.
3. Are you seeking (spiritual?) healing for a young lady who isn't yet a Christian or who is a new Christian not yet walking in God's ways?
4. Army ants (the enemy) are attacking your feet (walk with Christ) by hurting you and you seek God to help protect your heart (ability to keep loving others). God can protect your heart and your feet. Keep trusting Him and callling on Him for protection for your walk and your capacity to love.
5. The car situation seems like you are feeling that your life is out of your control and that the progress you have made is being snatched from you (reverse at high speed).
Please let me know if these help or if I was way off base. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your brother.

I offer this prayer:
Dear God, please protect Rose from attacks of the enemy and protect her mom's and dad's health. Please continue to lead Rose's walk with You and help her make spiritual progress closer and closer into Your presence, without any reversals. Thank You God that You love us, protect us, and are with us even when hard things happen, such as when we lose a loved one. Comfort Rose as she mourns losing her brother. I ask these things in Jesus' holy and loved name, amen.

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Re: car dreams

Post by Greeks45 on Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:37 am

Beloved one,this is my own point of view concerning someof your dreams. It seems you are looking up for a job that is higher than the very one you are doing now.

It also seems that you are looking up to a person for a relationship that is not a born again christain

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