Hitting someone with a rifle stock

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Hitting someone with a rifle stock

Post by manicmusician on Sat Feb 14, 2009 7:15 pm

Hello all...

About a week and a half ago, I had a dream where an intruder or thief had broken into my home, and my father handed me a shotgun. I felt the need to kill this thief before he killed me, as he held a rifle too, and I attempted to fire the shotgun at him, but there was no ammunition in it. So then I just went after him with the rifle stock, using it as a club of sorts. He also tried to use his rifle as a club. The dream ended before the fight did.

Last night, my mother had a troubling dream in which several people, none of whom she knew or recognized, were after her. She also had a rifle but no ammunition, so she began to beat them with the stock of the rifle, hitting them in the knees and on top of their heads. She beat them into submission, not intending to kill, but to disable the threat they posed. Whenever they would try to move or get up, she would hit them with the rifle stock again and knock them back down.

Any insights would be appreciated if God reveals something to someone. God bless.

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