3 part dream

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3 part dream

Post by angelwingz on Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:19 pm

I was standing at the bottom, looking up at steep stairs, made of crumbling rock.
I started to walk up these stairs. My whole body was supported by my toes because there wasn't enough room for my whole foot. The stairs were old. As I'm walking up these steps an old Asian woman jumps on my back and when she jumps on my back, I fall backwards on top of her. As I get up, I notice mud at the bottom of her clothing. She is still hanging on with her arms around my neck. I thought to myself, that the fair thing to do since I almost crushed her, would be to carry her up the stairs. Her arms were around my neck and her weight was on my back. As I continue to walk up these steep stairs, I remember thinking, " strength "and how I had to dig soo deep inside, just to make it up these stairs. It was very very difficult. I made it up the stairs. To my right, was a little picnic area/resting place. As I turned my back toward a chair, so she could sit, she disappeared. I remember thinking, " Oh my gosh, she didn't even say thank you! " . I continued to walk into what was known to be my Aunt Dot's house. I walked in, and they were having a festival. I saw people gathered having a good time. I looked to my left and saw my cousin Lisa, smoking..which was odd, because she does not smoke. I saw people drinking, and smoking but there was no judgement. What spoke louder than anything was festival. Then I walk into this all white bathroom, which had 3 doors in it. I remember feeling like I had to pee-pee. I stood with my back toward a wall. To my left, was an all white door, to my right, was an all white door. And about 2 feet to the left of the white door, was a heavy door meant for the front of a house. It had a huge oval shaped stain glass window. And it was remained to stay locked. Although, it could be unlocked. Every time I tried to go to the bathroom, someone else would walk in. I couldn't lock one door quick enough before another door opened. I gave up on trying to go to the bathroom. As I looked to my left I saw my cousin Lisa, walk in first, and behind her I saw a man walk in behind her. He was crippled, with his legs bent inwards. I remember thinking, " Oh that's a shame, hes probably a really nice person". As I was thinking that a bag of drugs fell out of his right pocket. But I noticed in this clear sandwich bag, were candy nerds and a small bag of cocaine. They walked through the bathroom into another room. I walk into some other room by exit doors and I'm greeted by Danny Bonaducci.??? Right away I recognize him as Uncle Ritchie. ( I do not have an Uncle Ritchie . Lol ) We walked down a sidewalk to get into this black fancy car. It was my car, and I was gonna give him a ride somewhere. But there was too much junk in my car, for him to even get in! Lol. As I removed some stuff(junk) from the front seat to the back seat I discovered on the passenger side of my vehicle, that I had a built in TV, with gorgeous gold fancy framing all around it. Then I noticed I had no pants on, and I had high jockey socks on that came up to my knee. They were all white. I also noticed that I had a fancy shirt on and as I looked in the back of the car I noticed there was fancy pants that matched my shirt. Uncle Richie did end up in the car. And the scene switched. I'm walking with one of my neighbors, Susie. We go into what seems to be a high school. Were walking down the hallway and all of a sudden a bunch of girls started reaching out of the crowd to pull Susie's hair, Kind of sneakily, but I saw it, and it angered me very much..then they started making fun of me, like provoking me and saying that I couldn't fight.So I put up my hands and started to jump and jab like a boxer.I feel like I was pushed to this point, there were many against me. I grabbed one girls hair and tossed her into another girl in the crowd...I remember thinking I shouldn't have done that, I remember thinking of Jesus.....but just as that happened a huge spotlight hit the school and police officers arrested everyone who hurt me......me and my friend susie walked down the path and and noticed it was a swat team and they arrested all these high school students for possession of drugs and paraphernalia ......so susie and I kept walking right past them and I remember thinking I am not afraid because I did no wrong and I was carrying my dirty socks,lol.....I also had a brand new unopened bag of socks...well one of the police officers said hold it!!! Stop right there!!! I said yes? He approached me nervously ..yelling SHES GOT A PACKAGE! Took it to another cop ...then came back and handed me socks back and said its ok its only socks,lol but the socks he gave me weren't mine they were brand new but they had a blue on the toes and heel and white in the middle and I saw him hand my dirty socks to someone else!!(poor soul,lol) so susie and I are walking down a clear, concrete path and all of a sudden out of nowhere this junky shower and tub stall is in our way.....so susie went first and then me over the stall and its a good thing because our weight equalled and we were able to have fun and play kinda like see saw.......had I not walked over it she would have went down and had she not went when she did on/over the stall...I would've got knocked down.............the end
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