Like watching an action movie!!

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Like watching an action movie!!

Post by Mazdi on Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:41 pm

Last night I had a dream that was like something out of a weird action flick. It was almost exactly like watching a movie. The star was this man whose name I do not know, and he had been wrongfully accused of some heinous crime (exactly what, I have no clue). There was this huge group of people who decided to do justice on this man, so they began to chase him down. I can recall the guy running through the woods, escaping from this line of people who were shooting rocket launchers at him. They missed, so the next group of people began throwing grenades his way. You'd think this would get him, but no! So there was one last line of people waiting ahead of him with rifles. He was closed in on either side and got shot down. The interesting thing is he didn't die! And then the dream ended and I'm left scratching my head...

I would appreciate feedback on this one. Maybe it's the product of too much junk food before bed, or something more?? Thanks! :goofy:

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