Living Room Dream

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Living Room Dream

Post by Escogida on Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:39 pm

In this dream, i was looking for my girlfriends, and I saw this guy whom I have been previously attracted to driving this bus. So as soon as saw him, i went into the bus, and through the mirror I started to move my hands waving at him trying to get his atention so that he would look. I was trying to tell him ,,remembered me?. While he was driving, i noted that he recognized me but pretented not to know me because of the guy sitting next to me. I also noted that i was sitting in the first row, and this other guy was sitting next to me,, he was pretending to be my boyfriend but when he had nothing to do with me.
The scene changes, and I am in this house who supposedly is his house. He is having party and this place was like a living room setting. In this room, there are no furniture or decorations, this is an emply living room with colored walls. At this point he is situated in the middle and people whom he knew including me were sitting on the floor all the way around. I then noted that he was giving a gift to people, but when it came to me, he gave me three gifts. I only recall one of the gifts, and it was a used/ old looking green luggage. The fabric material was like plush. When I opened this luggage I found his clothing and his intimate clothes, and then became very mad at him, and hurt because I though he gave me something used, and he did not even care or looked for detail. He continued to talk to everybody there and from this circle, I again waved with my hands and asked him to came, and started to show that he really hurt me with his gift. I then noted that one of my intercessor friends, pulled him aside and started to talk to him and she trying to explain why i was so mad, but he started to cry very loud, and he was saying that he did not mean to hurt me. he was crying loud saying .. i did not know. He did not know that by giving me this used luggage he had hurt me.

The scene changes, and I am observing this scene, this is a luxury house with high ceilings,but the owner had authorized for the furniture to be removed from living room. Suddently i saw this people removed the furniture, and place these used items in a circle to be sold in this living room. Then i saw bunch of people entering the house to buy the used items. The scene changes, and then i see this girl whom i presumed was the daugther of the house owner, and used to live there, walked in the house and noted that the living room was not longer the same. When I looked at her, i felt so bad because her clothing was ripped and when she walked some of her body was being exposed. She entered the living room area and when noted that i was not longer there.. she started to look for the bathroom.

The scene changes once more,and I found myself in this room with two beds. I am in this bed being examined by this doctor. He was performing a physical exam,but he was touching me in an obscene way. He then proceeded to asked me to remove my top but i refused. I said I am not removing my top because I did not want anybody looking at my breast. He insisted but was not sucessful. While all this is going, i noted that another of my intercessor friend was observing how the doctor was examining but never spoke, nor said anything about his behavior. She look like a watchman but never said and did anything. I then see that a hand gave me a photo camera, and I started to zoom in to take a picture of my intercesor friend. In my intent, i tried to focused and zoomed in so that i can see her facial expressions. Finally the doctor was finalizing the exam, and he suggested that i took the top off, but cover my chest with a red fabric thing, and finalized the exam by measuring the back of my torso. I then waited to received the results and I was pretty optimistic but when i looked at him, he was looking at me and I could perceived that he had found something.

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