God Provides!

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God Provides!

Post by Mia Sherwood on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:21 am

Some of you know that we had a situation at the end of last year where a family member for all intents and purposes stole our car. We decided that we were not going to make a big deal out of it and we just let it go, even though we have an extremely tight budget.

Well, I had a dream a few months before that happened in which a person gave me a BIG gift while standing in their driveway, and then they gave me another gift: a swing set. At the time I thought, Hm, the driveway seems to represent a car to me. I didn't think much about it any more and life went on.

I've been praying fervently to move back to New York to be nearer to my daughter and grandson. The first week of January my husband was offered a transfer to New York from within his company. When I called to tell my daughter about the potential move, she said, "One week ago, I think for the first time since you've been gone, I was so stressed and tired of life without you here that I just bawled my eyes out and said to God, 'I just want my mom.'"

We came to New York two weeks ago to look for a house and thought we had found one so we returned to Florida while our realtor worked on the details. Then another couple put in an offer too. Well, the realtor wasn't getting back to our realtor, so our realtor thought it was because she was waiting for some of her own clients to be interested so that she didn't have to split the commission. She did. As a result, we didn't get the house and wasted an entire trip from Florida to New York and then we had to make another trip back to New York to look for houses again. For the first six days every house we looked at was either a.) awful, scary, hideous, way too mall, cow manure smell was overpowering, living room looked like a bowling alley, etc. or b.) the realtors didn't get back to us or c.) already gone.

We only had one week to find a house and time was running out and every day that went by felt more stressful. On day five, after looking at over twenty houses, I was beginning to feel a little bit of pressure so we started to look for houses in New Jersey. There were some nice houses but the possibility that my daughter couldn't live in New Jersey existed so this was an absolute last resort.

By day six it looked like we might have to resort to New Jersey.

Day six arose and we still didn't have a house. An offer was accepted on a house in New Jersey so now I felt a little less pressure because we did find one and our offer was approved but it was not the best of situations because my daughter might still have to live four hours away if we couldn't find a house in New York. I wanted to be with her, in the same town, to help with daily life. So, I was still somewhat (ok, alot) stressed.

Finally, our realtor called us and said, "A house just went on the market that looks good."

I said, "I'm ready to go right now." So, Chris our realtor met me over there immediately so that we would have a chance at being the first people in the door and approved before anyone else had a chance to get it.

When I walked up to the front porch Chris said, "It's nice."

I was so relieved. Since day one he knew which houses I would like and which houses I wouldn't. I knew immediately that I was going to like it because it was the first time out of looking at dozens of houses that he said, "This is nice."

I was so desperate that I didn't get past the front door, I said, "I want it. Call the other realtor."

Chris laughed and said, "Well at least come inside and look at the place."

I walked two feet in and from what I saw, and still desperate not to have the fourth house snatch away, I said, "I'll take it. Call right now." But he insisted that I look at the rest of it.

So, I did. Then, I said, "Ok. Call now."

I really was desperate we only had ONE DAY left in New York and we would need that day to finalize paperwork so somebody had to choose our offer before we even got that far and weren't that far yet!

Well, another couple came through after us. I KNEW IT was going to happen. There was really nothing decent on the market. So we were once again pitting our offer against another and the owners had to decide who to choose. UGH!!!!

BUT I had this comfort: When I went to look at the house, as he was showing me around, one of the FIRST things the realtor said was, "There is a problem with the pool. They don't have a CofO for it yet but they will work on getting it."

I practically shouted, "Hallelujah" on the spot! (Are ya payin' attention, Daph?)

Right then I told the realtor, "God let us go through all that stress and all those losses because He had the best in mind for us!"

See....Daphanie had told me last year that she saw my husband, daughter, and I, in a house with a pool. This was LONG before there was any talk of living in New York, living with my daughter or anything. In Daph's dream, there was fence around the pool and there was a problem with the pool but the problem was resolved. At that time I was trying to see how it fit with what was going on in my life then. Even as we looked at other houses we wondered if other elements might have something to do with Daph's dream but, true to form, whenever a dream is truly fulfilled there is no doubt. You will KNOW when a dream is truly fulfilled, like in this case.

This yard was completely fenced and there was a pool with a problem. I KNEW, I mean I KNEW with no uncertainty at that moment (because every single element of Daph's dream was clearly fulfilled) that it was God's way of encouraging me during a time of MAJOR stress that He had us covered and He was blessing me.

God let every other single door be closed to us for almost an entire month so that we would end up with the very best the very moment it came on the market and JUST IN TIME to return to New York.

We truly ended up with the very best. There was nothing on the market even close to comparing with this house for the price range we were looking in. We literally got double for our money. The house we were originally going to get I definitely could have been happy in but it didn't hold a candle to what God had stored up for us.

And to take the cake, the company is buying my husband a car as part of his reward for making the transfer and the house has the coolest jungle gym/swingset deal ever. My dream of a gift which I thought was a car and a swing set also was fulfilled through the transfer back to New York.

Is God good or what?

I just cannot even put into words how Wonderful He is.

Thank you so much for petitioning God on our behalf! We had favor! I am so grateful!


I'm a lousy example of a Christian but a PERFECT example of God's Grace.

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Re: God Provides!

Post by dreamster on Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:08 am

lol! praiseGod thats sooo kooll... wow thumbs D

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Re: God Provides!

Post by Dove-Solutions on Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:36 am

God is so good all the time! I knew my Lord would take care of the situation. Good to hear Mia! YaY!!!!!!!

Love in Jesus,

Connie :cmere:

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Re: God Provides!

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