riding on bicycles

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riding on bicycles

Post by MaMa on Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:53 am

my mom had a dream two days ago.
my mom, my sister and i were still in our homeland China in her dream. she was riding on a bicycle on a road trip to see her friends. my sister was following her with me riding at the back of my sister's bicycles. we went to so many places with my mom. then we came to a hill. my mom didn't see how we made it up to the top of that hill, but she saw some paths that people have taken before to go down the hill. so we just followed those paths to go down the hill. it started to snow when we came down the hill and saw a village. a big hail came down almost hit my mom's head. but my mom turned away. then we decided to go home and took the main road. somehow our bicycle became one with my mom riding at the front and two of us (my sister and i) at the back. thanks!

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