A Dream with many Symbols

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A Dream with many Symbols

Post by Cholette on Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:22 pm

Hello...HELP!!!!!! This dream has my mind going all over the place.


My father, brother, son and myself were waiting to be seated at my church It appeared that the church was out with the pastor and his wife at a restaurant. The place was very busy. I noticed that the clock on the wall said 8:15 and I assumed it was in the evening because it was dinner time. We sat down in a booth with high backs back in the corner. Then we were all sitting at this huge table. It appeared that the whole church was there. I was sitting next to my friends daughter whose name is Heaven and my friend Tracie was sitting across from me. Everyone had ordered and it seemed as if the food was slow in coming. I had all these coins that came from somewhere and I was putting them on the table. I turned my back for something and Heaven gave me some bags with my coins already in them but they all weren't there. I told her and my friend Tracie that a rash was going to come over their bodies if I didn't get all my money back. They didn't move...all the while everybody was eating except for me and a coupld of others. Our food had not been served yet. I was so angry that they wouldn't return my coins that I went to get my father's attention while he was up fellowshipping with some of the members and asked him to tell them to give me back my coins. His response was "This isn't the time for that, talk to me later about this." I was both embarrassed and crushed. Then everybody was talking and i saw Heaven's black purse and I grabbed it. We tussled with it and I told her that I was her sister in Christ and I would buy her anything she wanted so she didn't have to steal from me. She was shocked and said, "really?" I got my coins back from her. Some of the people were finished with their meals so my friend Tracie was gone and I left out to the parking lot looking for her to get my coins. Before I left i glanced at the kitchen to see if my food was coing and they were still working. I went through the parking lot, which was filled with people. I saw my friends mother, son and a little girl of another friend and then I finally saw Tracie. I approached her in front of some people about the coins and she went into her checkbook and pulled out the coins. I went back to the table and the Pastor's wife and a man were talking. I saw a plastic container on the table and I thought it was my food. Instead it was cakes, pies and desserts. I said "Where is my food?" The pastor's wife heard me but never responded. I went to the kitchen and it was closed. At the end of this dream, I saw some guy who in the dream, i went to elementary school with. He yelled from the other side of this gate to tell me that Mr. Donkita was still there teaching at the school and he wanted to see me. I was so shoced and excited when I saw him. I was behind a locked gate and couldn't go over. Mr. Donkita came out and said how nice it was to see me even at 100 pounds heavier and took a picture of me.

<<End of Dream>>

I'm just not sure where this dream is going. Just when i think i can interpret it, it falls apart. If anyone can help me with this loaded dream, I would appreciate it.

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Re: A Dream with many Symbols

Post by Mia Sherwood on Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:32 pm

I don't have the interpretation because I have not meditated over it and prayed but what I see right off the bat is people are trying to give you dessert as in bible teachings that are all candy and totally lacking meat.


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