Jesus and mary

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Jesus and mary

Post by angelseverywhere on Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:27 pm

I had a dream last nite that i was in the forest it was peaceful and calm and i was on a boat not a big boat but it was a beautiful boat made out of real wood , it was hand carved beautifully and there was jesus he had a long stick like a staff that moses carried on the 10 commandments on the boat with me and the Virgin Mary but they were standing there not saying anything but smiling and i was just sitting watching everything as we watched the boat move then i stood up and we came to our destination in the beautiful forest with a serene river but the river was small or i should say skinny in width but we came to a stop and i got off the boat on a hill and they covered me with a long vest no sleeves and i figured cuz it was a nice hot day out i didnt need a coat and then i woke up....
i have dreams everynite that are clear and very visual with visitations from jesus and the virgin mary im just glad i found this site to help me better understand my dreams thank you lord for this site.

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my thoughts on your dream

Post by danny on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:34 am

hi ,
these are just thoughts of mine and not an interpretation.

forests are like wilderness
river and water are signs of life
boat can be transport or protection offered like noahs arc
jesus is lord with you
mother mary may be intercessor or can mean relation to jesus , mother in dreams may mean church also
reaching destination means safely you went thru
sun means energy
so in trouble lord will make you reach your destination safely so it needs prayers and god will be your energy and you will be in a good position in end.

so test this in prayer and see if its fitting your life.

all symbol meanings i used are mostly in bible please counter check it.

may lord be wit you and bless you in all you do


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