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I had another dream where i was in my house and my boss came from the house across the street and said my name out loud and came inside my house and my living room seemed smaller and alittle cramped and dark but he said I'm tired and sat down on my couch with his feet up and i lookd at the tv and it was tilted half way and then there was a small fish tank with a beautiful blue color with other colors but the blu stood out and i said well why dont u take a nap and he did then i looked at my kitchen which was big and beautiful and it had oragamy attached to the ceiling all over the kitchen it was beautiful and i looked down at my hands and had some art paper and it had been cut and i opened it up it had a bunch of little art people that opened up then all of a sudden real fast a friend of mine who died last year was in my kitchen and I said "hey everyone its Joe, he is here" everybody was alittle in shock but nobody said anything he said "I have a job for your son,a good job and i looked at my son and i started to cry but they were tears of joy and i said to him "im so proud of you" and his hair became real thick and the color changed to gray and black (he is only 24 so his hair is all black) and then my friend opend the door for my son to take him.

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