dreaming of ex boyfriend

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dreaming of ex boyfriend

Post by angelseverywhere on Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:32 pm

I keep dreaming of my ex who is father of my kids who i havent been with in over 15 years and in the dream we were young again and back together and making love and kissing and goofing off with each other. I dont have those kind of feelings in my waking life for him and he is married with kids and lives in another state and in another dream we were driving in a car together we were both in the drivers seat i was in front of him and we came to a traffic lite and went thru the red but then realized it and backed up and waited for green lite and then turned left and drove thru a viaduct and came out to a park with a baseball field and he was talking to one of my friends who was pregnant but not in real life and i said hey lets go and he said in a minute i started to walk then he saw me leaving and then he started to walk behind me. i woke up

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