DREAM TO BE interp!!

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DREAM TO BE interp!!

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:53 am

Ok read I had a dream about Alvin ( prophesied to be my future helpmate ) Had a dream I was in the mall and I see Alvin and some other man looks he was fair brown tall man and he was wearing sports hat with a looks like a a wave cap(you how the guys wear those things under there cap but you can see it hanging down on the necks)....anyway I see Alvin and him setting up a sports store in the mall. I am on one side of the mall I know they did not see me so I can see them they dont know I am there. Then I walk across to another store or maybe another booth in the mall that sales sports hats and they are hanging out with the prices. The prices on the sports caps were very expensive..........I mean I know I saw more then six figures looks like thousands or millions. So I am walking and looking at the hats I look over to see Alvin but I could not really see him very clear it was like I was trying to see him while he works, but I could see as clear as I did before I walk over to the other store but to my suprise I rcv a phone call while in the mall but somehow I knew it was him calling me. So I answered the phone and in a funny way like playing sort of speak and I answered saying Yesss...... Alvin says I see you finally took that thing off your head(in mind I am thinking he talking about my wig because in real llife I sometimes wear a wig. So it was sort of funny to me in the dream. Then he says to me do you know that your are standing in a million dollar spot or store. Also I cant remember the figures of the hat but I know they worth a lot of money. Then As I look while in the mall I see my x-boyfriend from high shool he was walking in the mall and he had on a light pink shirt with tight jeans and white sneakers in my mind I was like man those jeans are tight on him he walking very femine. Then I woke up!!
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