Clean Clothes Hanging Out Side

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Clean Clothes Hanging Out Side

Post by Dreamer on Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:22 am

Hello Everyone

I had a dream that I was coming out of my apartment, but I was with a patient at the hospital where I work, I work at a Drug and Alcohol Facility, so I was wondering why was the patient was at my home, I was explaining to the patient that I was upset about where I was living and the conditions of the neighborhood.

We walked out side to leave and that when I saw my neighbor from across the way of the apartments with his clean laundry handing on the balcony on hangers and I said, why does he have to hang his laundry out side like that, It does not make any sense.

PS: When I went to work this morning, You know I look across the way to see if the clothes where out side, And when I went to work this morning I keep looking at the patient this morning, and he ask why was I staring at him, I said to my self, if he only knew. thinking

God Bless flower

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