Dream about my pastor's wife

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Dream about my pastor's wife

Post by God's grace on Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:28 am

I dreamt that I was rejoicing, dancing and singing in my church with other worshipers. Everyone looked happy and excited to be praising our god. When I looked in the front of the church I saw my pastor's wife standing next to a round shaped table. There were two large books on this table and they were both opened. Upon looking on the opened pages I recognised three names that were written. My name was first on both books and two other names were written below mine but I could not recognise the other names. During the service it appeared as though my pastor's wife wanted to present these books to me. But the church service came to an abrupt end and I left without receiving these books.

On the same night, I dreamt that a lady who worked for my family as a house help had given birth to 11 babies. I did not recognise who the lady was and I have never met her in my life.

On the same night again I had a dream that I was driving my car which is green in colour. I lost control of the car and I crashed into a house. In this I could see members of my family. My mother for instance was talking to me inside this crashed house and I do not remember what she was saying. I woke up immediatey.

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