I watched myself die in a dream

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I watched myself die in a dream

Post by Grace to you on Sat Feb 07, 2009 11:58 pm

In following your guidelines of the "Dream Worksheet" which I think was exceptional in it's compilation, I have the to share.

For the past couple months,I have had the concerns of our great Nation on my mind, preparedness incase of my or my husbands sudden death and of my son who is in the Navy and his marriage and spiritual condition.

I wrote the dream out.

How did each item make me feel? I was an "observer" watching myself and I could feel my bodies responses such as a smile, the grabbing of the lighters and awe and peace while gazing upon the angel.

HOW did it turn out? I died.


WHERE did it occur? on a USSR Navy ship on an ocean shore

WHO was in the dream I was in the dream, my husband and two other guys and an angel

I have NEVER had a dream about my own death where I actually end up dead.

yes, I have had fears of dying in the respect of HOW I was going to die. Perhaps this is a word from the Lord saying it will be peaceful, and that the rest of the dream has no meaning. But then I think about the 3 men that were there with me and the 3 lighters.

Oh my, I have rambled and not given you the dream. And to honestly answer the last question, "Have you sought the Lord for the answer"........ I have but havent sat still long enough I guess to wait out His reply. There is a part of me that is wondering if it was just a fleshly dream so therefore toss it.
because it dealt with my own death.......... I am not sure what to do with it. Thus I submit it to you.

[size=9]I am standing at the front of a USSR Naval ship that had been deserted long ago. The ship had been headed out to sea but was now beached,bow facing the ocean.

[size=24]One of the men and I were at the bow looking over the scene. To our left was the ocean which curved to the right where there was land and a built up city in the far distance.

Life was NOT as we know it now. There was a dark feeling that had loomed over all of us yet we continued to carry on the best we how.

While passing thru one of the rooms aboard the ship, I saw one of the men laying on his left side who had been cleaning a gun. He offered me a smoke while holding up 3 lighters in his hand.

In walking past him, I laughed about the cigarette but took the 3 lighters from his hand, smiled, and looking over my left shoulder said: "save a bullet for me"

I walk outside and it is getting dusk now. I am on the PORT side of the ship looking up into the evening sky. I am joined there by two of the guys, the one that had cleaned the gun and brought it with him, and one other.

Port is the
nautical term (used on boats and ships) that refers to the left side of a ship, as perceived by a person on board the ship and facing towards the bow (the front of the vessel).

They too look up to see what I am being captivated by

There in the tapestry of the heavens I am gazing up at one of the most lovliest angelic beings that brings a peace to my soul and a delight to the eyes. This angelic being was blanketed in a host of twinkling stars that glistened and shimmered
As I continued my focused gaze, I FELT MY BODY BEING LIFTED UP ever so gently, ever so smooth and slow, AND TOWARD THE ANGEL AS THE REST OF MY BODY WENT COMFORTABLY LIMP, I CLOSED MY EYES, my brain seemed to become quiet and still, AND I HAD PASSED ON. It was the most gentle of transitions


Grace to you
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Re: I watched myself die in a dream

Post by dreamster on Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:44 pm

i wanna SAY SOMETHIN BUT I CANT RITE NOW..ill come bak,, remind me just in case.. lol! D

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Re: I watched myself die in a dream

Post by daisyscheihing on Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:16 am

can it be die to self?

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Re: I watched myself die in a dream

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