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Back to my past...

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:53 pm

Had this dream on February 1, 2009:

I was hoping that I didn't fail my math class (my teacher was Asian and I was trying to search all over for him). I remember going into a cafeteria that looked similar to a mixture of my high school and a college I had attended. Noone was in the cafeteria but it looked as though the workers were moving things around, cleaning things up, and getting things together/ready for a crowd. By the way, the colors for that college and highschool were yellow, blue, purple and white (not that that has anything to do with the interpretation).

I went up to a white woman who was at the cash register. She had a short hair cut and I remember someone calling her name, which was "tina" (coincidentally, this happens to be the same name as my ex's wife). The woman seemed really nice (she had on a white apron/smock and smiled at me). I asked her, "DO YOU LIKE YOUR JOB [working in the cafeteria]?" She said that she "hated it". She also said that she was 'looking for another one'. she whispered to me that she was only there 'because she had to be.' I saw another woman come in (in the middle of the conversation) from a side door entrance and close up a manila folder that had papers inside. One sign said: "QUESTIONS ABOUT BOYFRIENDS AND RELATIONSHIPS AND OTHER QUESTIONS OF THAT NATURE NOT ANSWERED HERE." I felt this was odd--did they used to give advice or tell people's fortunes here at one time?
I remember seeing a box that resembled a shoe box on the top of the counter (next the register) that was filled with lots of money (in particular $50 and $100 bills). Why did they have that money out in the open for people to be tempted to take like that?

Tina interrupted my thoughts and turned to me saying, "YOU WANT TO WORK HERE?" I didn't know that it appeared I was looking for a job. Anyway, she told me what to do (ie: like get an application, fill it out, etc).
I left the cafeteria and went downstairs. A guy who was pushing/moving a large black drink machine wouldn't listen to me and just kept moving. It seemed as though he was trying to smush me against the wall! I told a black woman and her son (who were trying to go downstairs) to get out of the way (because this man seemed crazy!) I went into a room and got into a bed. The man tried to follow me in there! He tried to turn on the light to see if I was there, and I tried to hide my face under the blanket--was he going to shoot me?!

what do you guys think? I've been really contemplating this one

Desiree (Starpop)
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