Going back to Ireland?

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Going back to Ireland?

Post by firerose on Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:28 pm

In 2000 I had a vision one night of a white horse with an Irish flag draped over it.

A year ago I dreamt that I was back in Ireland ( I was in Ireland in 05/06 for a year , but had to return home for practical reasons against my wishes, if there was a way I could have stayed, I would have) and attending a Christmas banquet. This banquet was at night and there was a huge fire in the fire place. There was a U shaped table (with square corners) facing the fire. All the seats were taken except one corner seat. It was tight fitting, but just as I was tyrinig to sit in this seat, a girl stting at the head of the table got up and offered me her seat. After this, I looked up at the window which had frost on it. A man got up and wrote the letter "J" in the frost with his finger. After this I woke up, I was frustrated because I couldn't see the rest of what he was writing.

My first visit to Ireland was very trying at times even though I was elated a door finally opened. I was told prophetically when I was there , that I was indeed there for a reason.
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