The noise at my window

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The noise at my window

Post by Brandy on Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:25 pm

I had a dream last night and the night before. The night of the first dream, I woke up because a noise outside woke me up. This is a noise that happens ever so often that is somewhat unexplainable and it always seems to happen in the same places. I will be asleep and it is as if somebody hits my wall from the outside--almost like a loud popping noise. It is usually in the same place but sometimes it moves from my bathroom wall to my bedroom wall. We have looked SEVERAL times and there is nothing that could cause a noise. There is never ANY wind or animals around nor sight of anybody. I have blessed both my house inside and outside. After I heard the noise, I plead the blood of Jesus on my house and then I rolled over and went to sleep. I then dreamed that I looked out the window and there were spotlights on my house. In my dream I felt as if my husband had put them there to make me feel better--almost as if he were out searching for what made the noise. I then walked through my house and looked out the back window of my house and where there is normally a field, my neighbor behind me had bulldozers and construction and had built mountains out of dirt(maybe like they were digging deep for something). Huge mountains! I couldn't even see anything but the mountains. I awoke from this dream. I then went right back to sleep to have a second dream. In this dream I looked back out the back window and could see something running from my bedroom window(the wall where I always hear the noise). At first I thought it was a squirrel, but when my eyes focused I saw that it was a very small pig running away from my window. If I am right, it seemed to be a red color.I then awoke. The dream that I had last night was also short. I dreamed I was showing an aquaintance friend some fish in a running river. I showed her a pretty bird that had very vibrant colors and unusual feathers(as if it were an unknown species). It was a very peaceful and calming setting. We then turned to walk a little ways down the river and when we turned around there were hundreds of black and gray snakes. They were just rolling around with each other on a rock. I remember many on their bellies. I was very scared. I yelled "snake pit". I then turned the opposite direction (unknown if my friend was with me) and watched every step I took to make sure I did not step on a snake. I remember going into a lake house and feeling afraid to sit down because I thought there were snakes in there too. That was the end of the dream. I am really curious about the colorful bird. If anybody can interpret any of these dreams, please let me know. Just wanting to know if these dreams fit together in some way. God bless.

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