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Post by daphanie02 on Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:56 am

I think this was after the cobra dream but we were carried away to
this kingdom. I was trying to rescue my friends from this really
controlling king. but i was also his servant, an oddity to the
kingdom but very important. i felt like a prophet in training.
Anyway, i could see things before they happened and i knew the
prisoners were going to try and escape. I wanted them to, they were
my christian friends...a group of them. I saw how they were plotting
to escape and before i could let them try, i told the king. Either
that or he just saw it was about to take place because he knew things
ahead of time as well. I was inside a rabbit cage. I saw they had a
clear round disc they had placed black circles on top of. when the
king wasnt looking the disc was going to move the circles out of the
cage and i knew they would be free. I dont know if i told on them or
the king just knew but they didnt go anywhere.Thier plan didnt
succeed. Then the king said to me.."prove your worth, stand there and
let these rabbits learn." i stood there with the door open to the
cage and these white rabbits came out from behind me. They were
crawling all over me and some got out of the door and some didnt.
They were so dumb, some of them didnt have a clue freedom was so
close. one that had left came back in the cage..while others were
smart and fled. Some never left at all. i was frusterated that i had
to stand there and let them crawl all over me. i felt i was being
taken advantage of. I saw one was clinging to the inside of the cage
to let the others get out first. the king was very pleased with this
one and said "wonderful, they are learning!"

i think the king is God, and my friends are people i want to set free, but i dont have the power to set free only Jesus can do that. Also i know the rabbits are people God wants to set free but they have to learn on thier own...please let me know if God lays something else on your hearts about this. Thank you!!!
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Re: RABBITS!!!!!!!!

Post by Dove-Solutions on Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:01 pm

I think you are correct in that your friends want to be free. I believe that God wants you to trust Him that He will set them free and they have to learn that only Jesus can save them. The enemy is not terribly bright but is a good follower. If you know what I mean. Tell them to give their struggles to Jesus. He came to set the captive free. It says in his word that "Who the Son sets free is free indeed" . Some people never realize that their total freedom is so close. Some are so afraid to believe and that is the spirit of the anti christ on them. Some people don't want to get free. That is a sad thing, but so so true. Many people never get free.

Praise the Lord that all things are possible with Him! 👏 :cute: 👏 :cute:

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