UFO Invasion & Ice Flood

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UFO Invasion & Ice Flood

Post by Daphne869799 on Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:20 am

Background: Female, 40, Christian (bible believeing literalist), husband (Jeff) unsaved, I don't believe in UFO/Aliens - if I have any opinion of them - they are of the enemy. 2 very vivid dreams; 2 nights apart.

1st Dream: Sat. AM 1/24/09 I am driving - following my husbands car... I pull over to change my shirt, as I step out of the car I notice people on balconies looking at the sky; I look up and see a huge (miles), black, roiling cloud with lights flashing inside it. I jump back into my car to catch up with husband. NEXT SCENE: We are at a family gathering in the woods, can see hundreds of spacecraft in the distant sky shooting lazers; I ask husband how soon they would be here (despeately searching for the children) he answered (as if I were being silly) that "they are just looking for gateways to the bigger cities". He goes off somwhere and I tell his mom (who actally lives in the mountains) that we're not going ANYWHERE now and staying there with her.
NEXT SCENE: on a high overlook (next to a body of water) watching an all-out invation over the water - very caotic scene - 20 ft. black, metal transformer-type beings, spacecraft, strange watercrafts; at one point my son pointed out a Yellow Jeep Wranger driving accross the water (I took it as US military) and said "they can't really do that, can they?" Just as I said "well, you're seeing it aren't you?" it sank into the water. END DREAM. I woke unbelievably shook - with a very urgent thought that "they're coming". As I said - I don't beleive in UFOs, so this is an odd one for me. My husband does - huge sci-fi junkie.

2nd Dream: Mon. AM 1/26/09 I appear to be aware of pending flood/ice conditions in our community(we live 2 blocks from the Susquehanna River)... no real immediate threat, though. I go outside and suddenly there is a huge (white) ice flow taller than our neighbors house (red house); it is pushing against their house so hard it makes a horrid creeking noise as if it will burst forth any second; I run in our front door to gather my family - urging husband to hurry and get the kids NOW; it's like I have to do this many times and keep wondering what's taking him so long. I eventually get the kids out, but not really clear if husband was with us... come to a traffic jam/accident, though still able to "escape" END DREAM

I have considered both personal and prophetic sides and will be in prayer for clarification... I am curious as to others opinions as well, though.

Peace and Blessings

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