three dreams: a friend, suicide, & an old lover (Long dreams) CONFUSED!

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three dreams: a friend, suicide, & an old lover (Long dreams) CONFUSED!

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:33 pm

Blessings Everyone, flower I had three seprerate dreams this morning & into the afternoon.

Dream 1: I was walking with my best friend may through a neighborhood up the street from my apartment. We went to visit our friend Nelly & her family we were looking for her but she was'nt there so we left. I was gonna go visit another friend but I changed my mind & decided to go home. when we turned around my friend Greg was getting out of the car. For some reason he decided to walk with us it was akward because no one was saying anything until may started talking ( her way of breaking the silence lol) Greg was a security guard which was not the way i pictured him he has always aimed for higher goals... I was looking down at his leg & he had two braces on. One on his right ankle, & a knee brace on his left knee. He walked with a slight limp.. I walked behind him just case he fell I would catch him. He was looking at me but we did'nt say anything only when I look into his eyes i feel like he wants to say something to me but he never does its like this all the time. I looked down at the braces again & shook my head he looked away. He told us he had to go & turned onto the corner next to us. May told me he was'nt interested in me & that I should let him go..I dont understand because I was'nt interested in him on a realationship basis & I woke up.

Dream 2: I was in a castle at a crowning ceremony. It looked like the castle from the Hunchback Of Notre Dame. They were getting ready to crown their next queen but something was wrong. There was something wrong with the queen I was watching her in her room she was upset about something because she was crying & rocking back & forth. for some reason I knew how she felt.. she was in spiritual pain like there was something inside of her that she could'nt get rid of. I went back to the ceremony & they ended up taking a woman out of the crowd & they crowned her instead of the other woman. The girl who was crowned got upset, took the crown off & threw it. There was a scream in the crowd the woman who was originally supposed to be crowned killed herself. she drowned herself in her bath tub... Everybody started to leave when all the lights shut off. The woman who died was now a spirit & she started killing the people who knew the real reason why she was'nt crowned queen of London. She started throwing things, & killing people in disturbing ways she threw things at me but she did'nt kill me I think its because I knew how she felt that she did'nt harm me as much but I dont know why they crown her. Me & some other people made it out of the castle then the girl's spirit started following us. we ended up at a ice cream shop she made herself some ice cream & started killing again she had this gray color to herself like was strange.

Dream 3: I was talking to an old flame his name is brian. we were at someone's house the parents of the late singer Aaliyah were visiting along with her brother & we were all talking...How brian got there Idk. but we were alone in a room & he was telling me that he was in love with me, & how he wanted to be with me. He wanted me to have his child. he was holding me & I did'nt say a word. I did'nt feel the same because of what he did. (Note: I was pregnant at one time & I told him & he stopped talking to me.) I did'nt want to give him another chance because of that. & this is the last dream I had. Then I was at this fair & there were these men who were trying to date me & all this stuff....Idk what all this means. Lately i've been dreaming in groups of three & i've been having a few dreams about demons so i'm a lil worried I feel like i'm doing something wrong.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read & or reply to my dream posts you all have been a wonderful help thank you so much May god bless you all!! :cute: huggins
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