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Post by Dreamer on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:46 pm


I had a Dream that I was climbing a stairwell to reach top of the platform, As I almost reach the top of the platform, One of bolts came out and I called Marjorie Harvey name and she said to me wait a minute I am trying to open the door with this key. I was thinking to my self in the dream if Marjorie Harvey can turn around she would see that one of the bolts came out from the stairwell. BUT I WAS CALM... I didn't want to wait on Marjorie Harvey to turn around. I had taken my other hand and pulled my self up to another platform and that's when Marjorie Harvey turned around but I already pulled myself up to Platform and by the time she turn around I was standing up on the platform across from her and I woke up.Amen

Thank You So Much

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