Some Kind Of Figure Claiming Iím Not Saved

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Some Kind Of Figure Claiming Iím Not Saved Empty Some Kind Of Figure Claiming Iím Not Saved

Post by v3ryan on Mon May 07, 2018 12:55 am

I had a dream last night that I saw one of my friends asking this figure (by figure I mean I do not recall any distinguishing features at all. I canít even tell if the figure was male or female) and my friend was asking this figure if she was saved, I forget the response, but I asked the figure the same question, but it shook itís head slowly no. The meaning of this dream is disturbing to me because Iím not sure what this all means. I know I am saved as I have the Witness of Godís Spirit and His peace on me.

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Some Kind Of Figure Claiming Iím Not Saved Empty Re: Some Kind Of Figure Claiming Iím Not Saved

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat May 19, 2018 7:03 pm

v3ryan -

How did you feel within the dream when the figure responded to your question? Did you reject the response within the dream, or did it make you feel something else?

Thankfully, you don't have any uncertainty of your salvation in your waking state!

So, there's two routes that this dream could go, depending upon how you answer regarding your feelings within the dream:

If your feelings acknowledged/agreed with what the figure said in the dream, then I would say that the dream isn't about Salvation - but that, instead, the topic of Salvation is exaggerated for something else that's spiritually-related. The main action of the dream is looking for confirmation on a spiritual issue - and then being told that what you're asking about isn't so. If I were to have a dream like this (with the aforementioned feelings), I would look at what sorts of things I'm questioning in my spiritual life as to whether or not they are approved by God - it could be an activity, a personal belief, some doctrine/theology. Anything you (and, probably, someone else) have sought confirmation about.

If your feelings within the dream rejected what you were told by the figure, then the dream goes in a different direction. In this case, the dream is likely to be more about one of your friends. If you knew that what the figure was telling you was 100% false, then you would be able to show your friend that this figure is/has a lying spirit. From that, look at your waking life and see where someone else in your life is looking for some kind of spiritual approval from an authority that cannot be believed. You would be able to explain this to your friend out of your own conviction and experience on the issue.

I understand that this topic is a few weeks old - and that the meaning does depend upon how you answer the question regarding your feelings within the dream. Still, I hope this helps you recognize where the dream applies in your waking life.

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