Nakedness And Doubles

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Nakedness And Doubles

Post by Spiritdaughter77 on Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:13 pm

I had a dream that was very different than most that I have had. In my dream my husband and I were in the kitchen (I believe we were eating or snacking). I actually have celiac so in this dream I remember being concerned with the ingredients in the snack that I had so I was trying to read the package and it was a bit dark so I was trying to get my flashlight on my phone but it wasn't working properly. I then looked over to my right and noticed a light coming from our bedroom which I knew we didn't have on at the time. Then minutes later we noticed our son coming from that direction and all of a sudden I realized that my husband and myself were naked and so was my son. As my son came through the kitchen to go to his room I remember dropping to my knees and my husband was patting my head or something of that nature as I bowed down in front of him but he never dropped he just stood tall (my husband that is). After our son passed and went to his room I went to the laundry room to grab my robe to cover my body as I felt that I needed to protect my son from seeing my nakedness as a woman (and keep in mind he is a little 8 yr old boy). I then went into his room to tuck him in and there on his bed was two of him, like twins. One was clothed and one was naked and they were both laughing and full of joy. I however was a bit shocked as I knew we didn't have twins and didn't understand why there were two of him. I tried calling my husband by name to come into the room but my voice was not projecting and I could not get loud enough for him to hear me call him to come into the room. I woke up in a bit of disbelief. And all I could think of was the light coming from our bedroom and my son (or a second one I guess) emerging from our bedroom. And of course the nakedness among myself, my husband, and my son or his double I should say. Not sure if this has any spiritual meaning but from some reason when I woke up it felt like it.

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