using bathroom in front of class?

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using bathroom in front of class? Empty using bathroom in front of class?

Post by Joshua116 on Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:06 am


hello all,

i feel that 100%, i just had a meaningful dream, even if it was just from myself

it's a theme which to my understanding, is common

before i went to bed, i was browsing a dating site that i'm on

i browse but i fear actually talking to any of the ladies on there

i partially fear it because i feel like NONE of them are God'd Will for me in the first place, but i'm sick of being lonely so i sign up to these things

i'm NOT saying this dream had anything to do with that but it's just possible,

i know it means something

anyways, on to the dream

i found myself back in a classroom with kids from my highschool (was not even thinking about these people, haven't in a long time)

there was a "closet" that had like a small 'urinal' in the classroom for some reason and i had to go use it

unfortunately, the class started laughing, snickering, at ME, because of this

the teacher at one point walked up to this closet and covered up the area where i was peeing

APPARENTLY the class was laughing at me because there was an exposed place in this "closet" where they could see my privates

i finished up in there then to fight the humiliation of the situation, i walked out of the bathroom with my fist held high then sat back down

while a lot of the kids were laughing, one kid named Justin gave me a handshake, like everything was cool and that i had just done something neat...yeah

the class was reading some weird book or poem at the time

the teacher walked up to the group i was in and all of a sudden the teacher was the wife of the Pastor of the Church i currently attend

the class then dismissed and i had to grab some stuff that was mine and take it with me to the next class

i remember seeing 'stuff' like textbooks, book bags, and even some guitars (?) that may have belonged to another student

i somehow got out of that class and headed for my next class

that 'Justin' kid from before then turned into a different Justin i have just recently met in one of my Church Small Groups

it was like i was following him and we were both trying to find our next class

the rest of the dream gets blurry as i pretty much seemed to not be able to find my class/find it on time and would rather not walk in late so i remember something going on in the cafeteria where i just hung out there

it was like some Special Needs Children/or Strictly Female type class/activity but here i was in there, stumbling over cables and tables and what not

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