Man tired killing my son with a knife!!!!!

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Man tired killing my son with a knife!!!!!

Post by Spiritdaughter77 on Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:02 pm

In the dream myself along with my son who is 8 were in the store. My son was sitting in the basket when I noticed a man holding a knife looking really confused. I felt something was not right so I started to pull the basket closer to me and as I did that the man attacked and tried stabbing my son and it looked like he stabbed him 3 times as he repeatedly tried stabbing him before I took him down. I quickly attacked him and was able to put him in a choke hold and as I pulled him to the ground I looked up and noticed my son pulling up his coat to see blood running down in a small stripe like. It didn't look as if the knife had fully gone through but it obviously cut him. Once I saw the small stripe of blood I was able to fight and grab the knife from the man and I proceeded to stab him in the gut area making sure the knife actually penetrated his side. Upon doing so I looked around and noticed a crowd of people but only three people stood out and they were close. I screamed asking them to call 911 and they just looked at me and did nothing as if they were blind to what had just happened. Then I remember waking up. I was so shaken by this that I could not go back to sleep easily as I wasn't sure what happened and why I had to have such a horrible dream. Someone please help and let me know your thoughts.

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