Terrifying nightmare with demons

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Terrifying nightmare with demons  Empty Terrifying nightmare with demons

Post by Lennshane on Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:16 pm

Keep me in your prayers....I really need help understanding this dream.  I had nightmares all night long..... I dreamed I was with my sisters. I have two sisters. There was a creepy building at a distance with a staircase that went up into it. We were all waking in the dark and the building was dark but the stairs were a lighter shade of gray within the blackness. We were talking and they said it is rumored to be haunted. I got excited. Usually I stay clear of these places though. I told them I do not care I want to go. So we went.  We climbed the stairs. Inside it looked like a complete mess. It looked like someone came and dumped all their clothes and toys and belongings all over the floor in one room. And in the hall way there was a drinking fountain that still worked. It almost looked like an abandoned church full of scattered junk. I tried to follow my sister Jennifer. She is the middle sister. I am the baby. She had stepped through the junk into another room full of junk. I realized I did not have shoes on and could not follow her because the stuff was somewhat sharp and would cut my feet. Then my sister came and put her arms around me from behind and layed her head upon my shoulder and her and I were both looking at the other room when Jennifer came out looking surprised and then told me to get back. So I then went down stairs to the hallway with the drinking fountain when I then saw my sister Vanessa drinking from.she is my eldest sister ... My sister was still holding me. I then turned to face her and said "you are not my sister are you?!" It then changed its looks and said "no I am not " I was full of fear and horror. I then started praying very hard and calling on Jesus for help and all the while it was mocking me and staying on my back and trying hard to merge into me. At this point I fled. I saw both of my sisters and also demons pretending to be them and I could not tell them apart.  I left and I closed the gate behind me closing them all in and they were reaching out toward me and I was trying to see who was who but they all had black eyes. I was very sorrowful at having to leave my sister's in there somewhere with them. And I woke up feeling as though the demon was still on me I was calling out to Jesus and praying and then outside an owl started hooting and then silence and then a cyote went after a cow and then silence complete silence not even a cricket chirping.  I continued to pray until I fell back to sleep. Then I was in a theater with bleacher seating .... My husband was with me but my son was not. He was staying with his grandma...... I went outside and then my husband came with me and he placed his arms around me from behind. And he was talking to me but I can not remember what he said. But then some how I knew it was not him. I was covers in a feeling of fear And muck. And I said to the demon "you are not my husband" it said "no I am not but I can be if you will let me" and I said "never!" I started praying again and calling on Jesus and it was on my back mocking me. I could not get it off. It was trying very hard to get inside but could not. ...... Then I was at a brick wall and there was a broken flower pot there and there was a big rig near by. My husband was in it and was coming after the demon that was on me he was driving full speed toward me, the demon and the wall. I disappeared and ended up to the left of it all. My husband jumped and was to the right. The truck hit the wall but the demon had disappeared. Then my son came and was playing with the broken flower pot and when he touched it a little yellow daisy came to life inside of it. ..... Then I was woken up by MY husband telling me I am all over the place. I told him sorry I was having nightmares. He put his arms around me from behind and I held his hand.... only something didn't feel right..... I had the same feeling I did when the demon was on my back...a fear. a trying to enter. an over all mucky feeling and then I woke up for real and was very frightened.    Please help me interperate this dream.

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Terrifying nightmare with demons  Empty Re: Terrifying nightmare with demons

Post by justicarjamie on Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:58 am

Did you get drawn into anything demonic, lately, even watching something as simple as a horror movie?

There are some domonic attacks happening in this dream, on you and your family. But the thing that jumps out here is your reaction is right every time, you pray for Jesus to help you. This is good. You aren't being entered but demons are impersonating your family to get to you. This is spiritual warfare, so keep your armor with prayer and scripture reading. The flower blooming that your son picks up to me feels like a good sign, in the midst of all of this, and a chance to grow.

These are just my thoughts.

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