Rendered unable to move nor speak

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Rendered unable to move nor speak Empty Rendered unable to move nor speak

Post by karenburns2008 on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:28 am

I dreamed that I had to go to work, and I needed my co-worker (she actually is new person that has been hired) to move her car, but she didn't want to move it but gave me the keys to her car to move it. I looked at her kind of incredulously and said "I will have to move your care, move mine and then move yours back" At which she didn't get up to move her own car, but kept pushing her keys back at me, so I took them a little bit perturbed that she couldn't just move her car. When I came out of the house I was on this path and began running because the cars were parked a distance way. As I was running, I was following the path, and instead of the path leading to the cars, it lead right through this house. Even at the time I am thinking this is odd. The doors on the house were open and as I entered into the house, (simultaneously) I saw a piece of furniture that was yellow and in the style of vintage furniture (kind of reminded me of the Amish hex barn signs) that had drawers AND was immediately knocked off of my feet and thrown against another table where a vase of flowers were knocked off. I was rendered totally incapacitated. Even though there were no physical ropes, I was all tied up and unable to speak. I remember lying there, thinking calmly to myself this is a spiritual attack. It wasn't until I went to go open my mouth to speak Jesus' name and couldn't that I began to panic, and then I woke up. The other weird thing that happened that when I woke up from this dream, I had some intense pain in my leg that lasted for about 10 minutes until I prayed and it went away. Any thoughts?
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Rendered unable to move nor speak Empty Re: Rendered unable to move nor speak

Post by the_sign on Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:40 pm

The unable part, the feeling of powerlessness, this has been a recurring theme in many dreams in the past ca. 8 years.

For me it has usually been a cell phone or computer that seems to go haywire, rendering any attempts to communicate futile.

Lately I shop in the Amish country about once a week, and Nostradamus wrote of my being vexed by a rash scoundrel.

Problem is, I've seem to have known more than one.

My work with communication and prophecy comes to a final test on December 27-29, 2018 A.D.

I really think that all this futile powerlessness theme stuff relates to that period of time.

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