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Dancing Chimpanzees Empty Dancing Chimpanzees

Post by judgehopkins on Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:07 pm

I had two dreams a week ago, may not be related.
1) traveling great distances through cities outside of borders over a long period of time.
Then reentered original map/land by crossing back over border.
2) Then I was in a cage watching several chimpanzees/monkeys dancing on a row..
Then the chimpanzees left the cage and dragged dead desiccated chimpanzee
mummies out of the cage behind them. Then a large gorilla was let out of a cage
At the end of the room. The gorilla then roared and then my visual perspective
Of the gorilla. Then I woke up.
3) for context I've been dealing with a lot of legal issues from school from quite
Some time ago where I was falsely accused for misdeeds and my paperwork
Was falsified. May not be related.


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