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Educative Dreams Empty Educative Dreams

Post by Habakkuk on Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:29 pm

Do you sometimes dream about things and then realise that they are illustrating convictions you already hold anyway? Dreams that give you a deeper understanding, dreams that illustrate how to put this particular conviction into action?

For me these dreams (2 of them) have been about personal boundaries, respect and (maybe?) forgiveness in human interaction. It is not that I do not believe in these concepts, because I sure do, but these dreams really hammered the point down that a) guessing is not a good idea when a simple question would suffice to avoid a misunderstanding and b) to accept that people sometimes have insecurities in human interaction and that you have to accept this even when it hurts.

As I said, I already hold this conviction for quite a while, so these dreams felt more like an “advanced course”, a very personal one at that. This is also why I am not willing to disclose these dreams in detail, because as I said, they were highly personal. I know that this means that I cannot really expect an interpretation of these dreams, but I do wonder whether my thoughts make sense from a Christian perspective. Dreams that foster personal convictions and elaborate on them?

Seriously, does this make sense?

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