Mom going to have a baby

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Mom going to have a baby Empty Mom going to have a baby

Post by Binx on Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:37 am

Was hoping for some help with this interpretation. Didn't know if it represents future occurrences or if it's an encouragement for my mom or neither(?)

Preface: my mom is currently 67 and has 4 grown kids. She is on one of the last stretches of chemo therapy with a good prognosis although the therapy has been hard. I had this dream last night and found out my grandpa (moms side) somewhat unexpectedly had passed away early this morning.

The dream: My mom was going to have a baby. I was concerned the chemo would be bad for the baby but she said her doctor thought it would be fine . She was planning to set up a room for the baby in the basement of the house I grew up in. I was surprised and told her I didn't know that house had a basement or that they wanted to live there again. She said yeah they had originally planned on adding a window and making it their master when they first moved in but the window would've been too expensive so they just boarded up the room instead. The entrance to it was in the garage and they were going to add the window now. When I went in to look at it, she had put several beds together in the room because she said she planned on cosleeping with the baby and my dad. I noticed it had another door that was cracked open. When I looked through it I realized it was a shared door with the main assembly room at the church I currently attend which, in the dream, was also the main room for a Christian company I used to work for over a decade ago. The company and the church apparently shared the space. I told her she would likely have a lot of noise because company workers working/talking and then the church worships for hours and they have worship sets every day not just on Sundays. She didn't seem concerned but continued telling me about her plans to prepare for the baby.

General feelings: surprise, wonder, curiosity and wanting to explore this newness to something old; happy for my mom

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