Sitting at the feet of a friend

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Sitting at the feet of a friend Empty Sitting at the feet of a friend

Post by BIANCA on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:47 am

Hi Mia,

I was dreaming that me and my stepsis, from my mother's side was walking into a rock/cave.
The Rock/Cave is like the big rocks we get next to the ocean, some people use them for decor in their gardens.
She was walking infront of me, so as she was entering the rock/cave I saw a friend of mine lying on his left had side looking at us walking in, so my sis went up to go sit at his feet but my frient told her to go sit there, pointing his right hand index finger to a coner in the rock/cave and said to me "Bianca come sit here pointing to his feet" At first I was a thinking if i should sit in front of his feet or at the back of his feet. So I made the choice to sit at the back of his feet, just as I was about to put my feet over his legs to go sit I woke up from the dream.

If you can please assist with the interpretation, I would much appreciate.


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